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Complete builds

We prefer to do complete builds from start to finish so that we can ensure the standard of the build.

We will sit down with you and plan the correct route for your project. All the work gets done inhouse which eliminates transporting of the vehicle to various companies.

Suspension installations

We specialize in the installation of various front & rear suspensions such as Jag, BMW or any imported suspensions.

The correct installation is extremely important with regards to steering geometry, propshaft vibration and wheel alignment. If your suspensions are incorrectly installed you will experience bump steer, uneven tire wear, vibration and very poor road holding.


Sandblasting (gritblasting) can ruin your whole build. It is with utmost importance that sandblasting gets done by someone who understands automotive sheetmetal.

Equally important is the sameday etch primer that needs to be applied to prevent oxidation from starting.

Rust repair

Do not get caught by using fibreglass to repair rusted metal.

The art of rust repair is a dying trade with modern materials such as fibre glass. Unfortunately there are no easy ways to do it properly but with sheetmetal.

We specialize in rust repair by importing the correct patchpanels where available and replacing other areas with sheetmetal.


This is the area that determines your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your build.

The biggest mistake anyone can make is to have the bodywork done before various other items. The paintwork should get done after all chassis, suspension and mechanical work and just before auto electrical.

The biggest disappointment one can experience is to have the body preparation and paint done by a modern day panel repair shop. True, the vehicle looks great the day it leaves their workshop but life expectancy is determined by the preparation.

We use only top notch paint and a-grade materials to ensure the longevity and finish. Our cars are finished underneath as on top, inside as outside.

Importing of various rodding as well as original parts

Fortunately the industry is huge in the USA and therefore a lot of parts available.

We bring in parts on a monthly basis and distribute right through Southern Africa (RSA, Namibia, Botswana, etc)

Drop us an email with your requirements and we’ll source it for you. New auto glass is also something that just puts your rod in a different class. There are local companies that claim they can manufacture any windshield from a template, unfortunately the standard is just not the same as our imported glass.